About Kalyan Mukherjee Connecticut

Formerly an engineer, Kalyan Mukherjee has since embarked on a career in business and finance. Wielding a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Indian Institute of Technology as well as a Master’s degree in the same field from The Pennsylvania State University, Mukherjee began on a career path with Valeo Thermique Moteur in Jamestown, New York.

As Product Development Engineer with the firm, Mukherjee created air-conditioning system condensers and significantly decreased the time from product conception to mass manufacturing through the use of computer-aided design and process simplification; additionally, Mukherjee composed a lean production system that reduced capital outlay by 15 percent. He subsequently accepted the position of Product Manager at Delphi Automotive LLP in Lockport, New York. Throughout his employment with firm, Mukherjee received promotion to Manager of Lean Manufacturing and fostered beneficial growth in several avenues. Skilled at cost analysis, he maintained close communications between divisions of research and development, customer relations, design, and pricing; in doing so, he cut costs by $10 million per year. In four years with the company, Kalyan Mukherjee also introduced linear programming optimization that allowed for an 80 percent reduction in planning time.

Kalyan Mukherjee returned to school and earned a Master of Business Administration from the William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Rochester in 2001. After graduating, Mukherjee secured posts including Engagement Manager and Associate Principal with McKinsey & Company in Atlanta, Georgia; Vice President of Business Development for a division of industrial firm Danaher corporation; and his current role as lead manager of portfolio generation with a hedge fund management firm in Westport, Connecticut.

Residing in Greenwich, Connecticut, a suburb of Stamford, Kalyan Mukherjee contributes to the Alzheimer’s Association and the Lipilekha Bangla Association. In his free time he enjoys camping in the Greenwich area, as well as playing tennis and cricket.

Kalyan Mukherjee is a Senior Vice President at Nielsen, based in Wilton, CT. He manages a global team that works on improving processes in the Media and Buy businesses of Nielsen. Kalyan uses Lean and Six-Sigma principles to improve Quality, Delivery, Pricing, Cash Flow, Product development and customer processes.

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